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Your organization’s success is our top priority. From our emphasis on certification to our client-centric approach, Codec is fully invested in delivering lasting impact and value.

Codec-about us

“Too many IT transformation projects result in excessive costs, unacceptable business disruption, and a high rate of failure. At Codec, we’re constantly innovating our own delivery methods to guide transformation projects that elevate business performance.”

Ronan Stafford

CEO, Codec 

Our purpose & ethos

Empower organizations & teams with the latest technology, properly harnessed

Innovation and transformation is more than simply onboarding the right tools. Business solutions must be properly integrated into your existing infrastructure. End users, such as your staff, must be properly trained to utilize these new capabilities. And ongoing support is needed to maintain these powerful solutions over time. That’s where we come in.

Promise to

deliver on time & budget

Dedicated team of

300 full-time experts


industry experience

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Our story

35+ years of building expertise and growing with our clients

Codec is one of the most awarded and recognised Microsoft partners not only in Ireland and the UK, but around the world. We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings as a hardware reseller. Just as we’ve transformed our own business to seize new opportunities, we’re now able to deliver the same innovation for our clients.


Codec win Overall Microsoft Country Partner of the year & expand into the UK Market

2023 was a milestone year which seen the opening of our London office with the creation of an additional 65 jobs as well as our achievement of overall Microsoft Partner of the year for Ireland.  We also further solidified our Microsoft credentials with the achievement of our Microsoft Cloud Solutions badge which can only be attained once you achieve 6 unique solution partner designations showcasing our depth of skills across the Microsoft platform. 

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The only Microsoft Cloud Business Applications certified partner in Ireland

In 2022 our expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 earned us the distinction of being the first and only partner in Ireland to receive this certification. We remain one of only six partners in Ireland and the UK to achieve this and the 109th partner worldwide to achieve the Microsoft Cloud Business Applications competency.

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Codec selected as a Migration to Azure Global Finalist

As cloud-based solutions and the Microsoft Azure platform became more central to business transformation, our institutional expertise in migrating on-premise technologies made for an easy transition to managing Azure migrations. As a result, Codec became the first partner in Ireland to be certified as an Azure Expert MSP.

Codec Labs established to expand our solution delivery service

By 2018, Codec’s capabilities as an innovator and accelerator continued to earn industry awards. We were recognised as the 2018 Microsoft Partner of the Year in Ireland for Data Centre Transformation and Dynamics 365. At this same time, we were launching our Codec Labs initiative, building bespoke solutions for specific industries and clients.

Codec becomes first Irish partner to achieve Microsoft Gold Cloud CRM certification

Five years after shifting our strategy to become the go-to Microsoft partner for our markets in Ireland, Codec received Microsoft’s Gold Cloud CRM certification. This award, which came one year after our first Microsoft Country Partner of the Year award, cemented our reputation as a leading Microsoft partner in the Irish market.

Codec recognised as Microsoft Country Partner of the Year for 1st time in Ireland

Four years after shifting our business model to become a Microsoft cloud partner, Codec received our first major award as Ireland’s Country Partner of the Year award. The victory served as proof of our success in transforming our business model, and it announced our arrival as one of the top Microsoft partners operating in Ireland and the UK.

Codec established in Dublin

Set up around the same time as Microsoft was founded in Ireland, Codec is a family business that began by providing hardware services and enterprise performance management (EPM) to local businesses. As the hardware business grew, Codec became a key infrastructure partner for local development projects for Amazon, Intel, and other major brands.


Best practice & security

In addition to our Microsoft certifications and awards, Codec also meets a number of international standards related to quality management and online security. These distinctions validate our ability to guide digital transformation according to these specifications.

ISO 27017
ISO 27018
ISO 14001

Leadership team

Our people make us who we are

With 300 full-time employees working out of offices based in Europe and the US, our in-house consultants and transformation experts represent some of the industry’s best. Our services are supported by an experienced leadership team with extensive and diverse backgrounds in planning and delivering complex transformation projects.

Ronan Stafford


Ronan is the CEO of Codec and likes to learn everyday from the people around him. With over 25 years in Codec, Ronan enjoys the ever changing currents in the transformational cloud services industry. After leading the company through successful growth strategies in hardware and enterprise performance management systems, Ronan started a cloud services growth strategy ten years ago, which has transformed Codec into the largest independent Microsoft Cloud Platform business in the UK and Ireland.

Fiona Daly


Fiona is the CFO and Head of Legal & Talent in Codec. Fiona started her career with a big 4 accounting firm, moved to banking then trained as a solicitor in one of Dublin's largest corporate firms where she also practiced before joining Codec. Fiona has worked as a leader in tech for over 15 years and is adept at working on transformational projects and very knowledgeable in culture and strategy. Fiona has studied with an Ivy League college in the US expanding her knowledge in this area. Fiona is passionate about driving CSR in Codec and has spear-headed our diversity, charity and sustainability projects.

Larry Tobin, Codec
Head of Public Sector Sales

Larry Tobin

Head of Public Sector Sales

Larry is our Head of Public Sector with more than 40 years of experience in the ICT Sector. Larry joined Codec in 2010 to set up a new Dynamics 365 practice and over the past 10 years, he has been instrumental in helping Codec to build the largest Dynamics practice in Ireland. Having previously worked in the Public Sector for 10 years, Larry has always had a particular interest in the Public Sector and started in this new role in 2021.

Tom McArdle, Codec
Head of Business Applications

Tom McArdle

Head of Business Applications

Tom is Practice Director of Codec’s Business Applications division and enjoys working to continue building the practice with the best technology professionals available. Tom has worked with Codec for over 10 years and has been an integral part of the transformation of the organization into the largest Microsoft Dynamics partner in Ireland. Coming from a technical delivery background, Tom has a deep understanding of how Microsoft technologies can be used by organizations who are striving to introduce efficiency and improve customer and citizen service.

John Roddy, Codec
Commercial Director

John Roddy

Commercial Director

John has been with Codec for over 10 years and in his role as Commercial Director has played a key role in the companies expansion and strategic direction during that time. John is passionate about putting customers first and assisting our customers realize the tangible benefits that IT solutions and cloud services can bring to their business.

Stephen Black, Codec
Head of Azure Business

Stephen Black

Head of Azure Business

Stephen is the Practice Director for Azure Business in Codec. Stephen has direct responsibility for the growth and development of all aspects of our Azure business. Under his management, Codec's Azure business has seen exponential growth over the last few years resulting in Codec becoming Ireland's fastest-growing Microsoft Azure Partner. Stephen has worked in Codec for the past seven years. He has over 20 years of experience in the IT sector, working in blue-chip companies such as IBM and Intel. Stephen has built a vast knowledge of the IT sector and has worked on many large transformational projects across all areas of IT.

Our CSR commitment

Impacting lives, not just businesses

Codec’s mission is about more than profit. While our client success comes first, we leverage our business success to support charities and initiatives making a direct impact in our local communities and abroad.

Promoting sustainable ways of working

In Codec, we believe that responsible use of technology should play a positive role in addressing social challenges and we have developed a sustainability strategy to deliver impactful, sustainable IT solutions and client services.

In addition, we are also engaged in multiple initiatives to support and promote the objectives and actions of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including the Microsoft Partner Pledge. These efforts include paperless operations, support for alternative transport modes for commuters, sponsorship of coastal cleaning events and an OpenHive beehive in Kildare, Ireland.

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Codec CSR - Sustainability

Committing to achieving net zero by 2050

At Codec reducing carbon emissions is not just about our commitment to the environment. Our Carbon Management Plan addresses not only the carbon emissions targets but also sets out to find other ways to reduce our consumption and provide value for money.

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Codec Way - Industry Experience

Supporting Ruhama's work with victims of trafficking

A volunteer at Ruhama herself, Codec CFO Fiona Daly approached her fellow leadership team about becoming a corporate partner in the organization’s efforts to support Ruhama’s work with victims of sex trafficking and other forms of exploitation. Since then, Codec has aided the organization’s bridge-to-work system by running weekly IT classes, donating laptops, engaging in fundraising, and providing mentorship. Our bridge-to-work scheme has been incredibly successful and we are proud to have recent graduates from our IT programme become employees of Codec.

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Building a brighter future at a local level

Successful organizations should reinvest their success into the communities where they operate. Codec’s efforts to give back to our local community range from local beach clean-ups to charitable support to an annual hosted event recognising International Women’s Day.

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Cultivating an inclusive business environment

At Codec, we believe that an inclusive, diverse workplace is better for everyone involved. That’s why we belong to the 30% club, a global campaign led by CEOs committed to increasing gender diversity at board and executive levels. We currently own a Bronze Diversity Mark for our inclusivity efforts—and we’re working our way toward Silver and Gold.

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Bronze Diversity Mark

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