Finance transformation

Data-driven innovation

Turn financial data into a vehicle for value-added change. Our digital finance services use your data sources to help reduce operational costs while increasing strategic insight.

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Finance transformation solutions that deliver impact

Manual and low-value transaction processing create a drag on your organization’s financial performance. At the same time, financial data that isn’t yet digitized and analyzed is a missed opportunity to optimize operations and lay a foundation for innovation across all departments

Financial management

Monitor and manage your organisation’s finances regardless of complexity or compliance requirements. Our cloud-based financial management solutions use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automate low-value tasks, monitor financial activities in real-time, and seamlessly execute important financial tasks such as tax reporting, invoicing, and payment processing.

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Our finance management technology:

Streamlined operations

Automate basic tasks while shifting attention and resources to long-term financial strategy and development. Our financial transformation experts help you design, build and implement rules-based solutions to manage day-to-day operations. In turn, this streamlined approach creates long-term value for the organisation.

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Our streamlined operations technology:

Financial consolidation

Enable accurate, comprehensive financial consolidation regardless of the complexity of your financial statements and datasets. Our experts set up seamless, automated consolidation processes that operate in real-time and integrate with applications across your organisation—improving the quality of data-driven analysis.

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Our financial consolidation technology:

Budgeting & planning

Improve your budgeting and planning processes with next-generation forecasting and analysis tools. We implement artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify patterns and anomalies not evident in your regular financial monitoring. This supports sustainable long-term financial planning alongside short-term profitability goals.

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Our budgeting and planning technology:

Reporting & analytics

Better financial data leads to better reporting and analytics—and, ultimately, to better financial decision-making. We implement advanced analytics, improved consolidation and simplified self-service reporting tools that enable higher-quality insights in your decision-making processes—all in pursuit of continued optimisation and innovation.

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Our reporting and analytics technology:

Codec Finance Transformation John Roddy

“Achieving economies of scale is easier said than done for large financial departments. Our consultants implement enterprise resource planning and other intelligent business solutions that simplify complexity and improve every stage of financial management.”

John Roddy

Commercial Director & Finance Transformation Lead, Codec

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Business impact of finance transformation


New methods of managing and using your financial data can unlock new insights and value to shape business decision-making. Through our finance transformation solutions, we guide financial digitization that enhances both short-term financial operations and long-term planning, increasing finance operations ROI on multiple fronts.

  • Process efficiency
  • Increased profitability
  • Reduced costs
  • Streamlined operations
  • Regulatory compliance
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Transforming finance management for leading organisations

From cost control to financial data insights, our digital finance services have enabled new value creation opportunities that have increased digital transformation ROI for many well known brands.

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“Business Central provides a means for Clúid to scale up our ambitious targets and deliver homes and housing services for the most vulnerable in our society. Clúid Housing is committed to delivering good quality social housing and we are delighted to partner with Codec to achieve our mission.”

Claire McGettigan

Finance Manager, Clúid

The Codec Way of delivering impact

The right technology is only part of any organisation’s recipe for success. The right expertise and methods are also required to maximise the value of these investments. Through our unique project delivery framework, our experts accelerate project performance and value through a holistic approach to innovation and delivery.

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