Data-driven insights for financial services

Improve operational efficiency and customer service through data analytics, reporting, and business intelligence delivered by the Microsoft suite.


Intelligent cloud solutions to financial services challenges

From ever-changing financial regulations to the rise of born-in-the-cloud banks, today’s financial services businesses are facing challenges on many fronts. Traditional financial services need cloud-based solutions that alleviate the constraints of legacy systems to enable improved efficiencies, customer service, data management and governance.

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Financial services challenges we helped to solve:

  • Improved reporting, budgeting and planning
  • Streamlined customer relationship management
  • Business intelligence and artificial intelligence
  • Data consolidation and management
  • Enterprise mobility management

A holistic approach to dynamic financial services

Achieve better budgeting and long-range planning through powerful analytics and next-gen forecasting. Perform accurate, consistent financial consolidation regardless of complexity. Implement rules-based automation to streamline operations while maintaining financial compliance.

From Dynamics 365 to the Azure platform, Microsoft’s suite of business solutions can help your organisation stay competitive with born-in-the-cloud disruptors. Innovative mobility solutions such as in-branch tablet devices and enterprise mobility management can help bricks-and-mortar organisations seamlessly unify their physical and digital experiences.


Experts in digital finance transformation

Our consultants empower your operations with process automation to eliminate menial labour and realise new operational efficiencies. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and other intelligent business solutions enable improved analytics, real-time monitoring, and predictive modelling to inform your business strategy.

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35+ years experience of transforming financial services

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Bank of Ireland

Helping AIB to implement a budgeting & planning solution to replace legacy systems

"Codec’s strengths lie in its technical expertise and its ability to assess and understand our needs quickly. The partnership with Codec has proved to be very fruitful and there is an on-going relationship in terms of support and skills transfer."

Alan Reid

IT Project Manager, AIB Corporate Banking

Budgeting solution for AIB by codec

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