Artificial intelligence

Transform your business through expert AI delivery

The future has arrived. Harness the capabilities of artificial intelligence to generate value across your organization today. Codec’s AI delivery experts will help you implement this innovative technology to realize its full potential and ROI.

of businesses worldwide will regularly use generative AI by 2025

Artificial intelligence solutions that deliver impact

Gartner predicts that by 2025, generative AI will be a regular workforce partner for 90% of businesses worldwide. But using artificial intelligence and using it correctly are two different things. Businesses need the right mix of prompts, data, and partner support to unlock the full potential of AI across a growing number of use cases.

AI implementation

Build a foundation for generating lasting value from AI. Our change consultants help architect your data, establish security guardrails, enable your AI solution, and deliver continuous training and coaching that properly trains AI for your needs. Over time, we can use AI implementation to transform intelligent insights into strategic decisions and optimized operating models.

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Process optimization with AI

Support, improve or replace individual business processes with high-performance AI technology. Our change consultants guide your business through more than 20 different Microsoft AI products to identify the best combination of these tools for your business. Our expert-led approach ensures a smooth AI implementation process.

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AI & machine learning

Create more value from your existing business data. Our consultants implement processes and solutions to quickly generate deep insights inaccessible to conventional analytics. Discover new performance patterns that empower strategic decision-making and deliver better outcomes—even in real-time.


“Give two identical companies access to the same AI tool and you’ll get vastly different results. Great business outcomes require an expert understanding of how to utilize these powerful but complex tools. That’s where Codec comes in. We not only train your business on how to use AI, but we train and deliver tailored AI tools capable of creating new value for your organization.”

Stephen Black

Head of Azure Business, Codec

Business impact of artificial intelligence


of projects delivered on budget


of projects delivered on time

According to a recent enterprise survey, 82% of business leaders believe AI enhances job satisfaction and performance. Intelligent automation eliminates manual tasks while AI-powered insight enhances strategic decision-making and human engagement. The end result is better efficiency, productivity, and value creation:

  • Expanded automation capabilities at scale
  • Streamlined compliance at a reduced resource cost
  • Improved insights using A.I. to analyze your business data
  • Enhanced decision-making at the micro level
  • Optimized sales engagement with customers and prospects
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Enabling AI adoption for leading global organizations

Embrace artificial intelligence with efficiency and confidence. Our change consultants have been trusted to guide AI adoption and other digital transformation projects for a growing number of innovative businesses.

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“The benefits delivered by the Codec implementation of Dynamics 365 CRM are clear for all to see. Based on the level of professionalism shown by staff, their willingness to assist/help in achieving tasks & goals on the project and their commitment to delivering quality solutions ensure that I would have no hesitation in recommending Codec.”

Darren Murray

Head of Digital Transformation, Department of Agriculture, Fishing and the Marine

Automate cloud migration with Azure Cloud Kit

Manually intensive cloud migrations lead to slow delivery, unforced human errors, soaring costs, and compromised security and compliance. Codec’s Azure Cloud Kit uses automated tools and a streamline approach to eliminate uncertainty and consistency in your cloud migration, allowing your business to scale and innovate with ease.

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