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True innovation is an ongoing process. The Codec Way is our promise to transform your entire business—from your IT technologies to your company culture.

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Transformation Support Vision Delivery

Technology expertise to meet your transformation goals

Every organization, regardless of industry or size, is facing pressure to embrace digital transformation. But any transformation project needs to be guided by clear, achievable goals. We work with our clients on a strategic level to define these goals and develop a plan for success. Codec’s sector-specific insights, specialized tools and customizable services empower enterprise leaders with everything needed to realize the full potential of digital transformation.

Improving citizen outreach and engagement in the public sector

Before the advent of digital engagement channels, public engagement was inflexible, difficult to scale, and delivered a low level of service to citizens. Digitization of these public sector services—from self-service portals to streamlined communication—eliminated persistent constraints, delivering faster, more flexible, and more customized services for citizens.

We help public sector organizations achieve performance gains and improved customer experience by ensuring consistent delivery, achieving value realization quickly and implementing a customer-centric approach that builds solutions based on what the public want. Codec deliver these results while also ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

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Public Sector digitalization

Using data to optimize performance and outcomes in digital healthcare

Improved data management is at the heart of digital healthcare transformation. From specialized healthcare tools to clinical-care hospital and facility operations, Codec helps harness the power of healthcare data by making it accessible through the cloud. Consistent access to this cloud-based data allows healthcare organizations to enhance and optimize their operations and patient care experiences through automation, machine learning and AI.

We help healthcare organizations achieve this transformation quickly by delivering new automation capabilities faster and at scale. As one of the few technology partners offering clients access to the Microsoft Cloud for Health, we are uniquely positioned to leverage powerful, deep analytics and business logic designed specifically for the healthcare sector.

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Microsoft Cloud for Health

Delivering faster, scalable innovation for private sector

Data silos place constraints on organizations that make it impossible to achieve deep insights while iterating new digital innovations. We help private sector businesses achieve digital transformation that frees up access to this valuable data, laying a foundation for faster, smarter innovation that facilitates iterative change and optimization. Unlock the potential of your data to quickly deliver, test and scale new capabilities.

This data-driven approach enables transformation to take place on a tighter timeline, accelerating value creation for our clients. Thanks to our innovative approach, we deliver a framework for transformation which lets the client focus on high-level strategy innovation, while we deliver the technology to realize those ambitions.

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Digital Transformation for your business

Strategic solutions delivered on time & budget

Before you can innovate, you must be able to envision and plan for that change. With more than 30 years of experience in strategy and planning of technical projects, Codec has the skills and the methodologies needed to help your organization to design transformative projects on time, on budget, supporting your strategic vision.

Business analysis

Codec’s BA experts take time to gain a deep understanding of your business, your processes, and the specific value of innovation.


Design mockups and other visualizations are developed to demonstrate the potential impact of innovation to key stakeholders.

Technical design

A project blueprint is created to build each solution, which accounts for dependencies, timings, costs and other resource requirements.


A unique delivery framework

Our unique project management and delivery framework consists of three defined project management methodologies while leveraging our very own Codec Labs to ensure successful delivery of projects.

Our approach is inherently flexible. By mastering these project management methods, and combining them for any given project, we can reliably promise the project will be delivered on budget, no matter what.

Predictable delivery(Waterfall)

Codec delivers to realize its clients' visions and objectives by solving the right problem at the right time. To do so relies on the use of a set of guidelines and best practices as a structured methodology to facilitate implementation of the right solutions. For this purpose, we use Codec’s Predictable delivery methodology.

This is aligned with Microsoft’s Sure-Step Methodology and its content consists of a set of processes with a prescriptive step-by-step description with inputs and outputs necessary for completing each stage of an implementation.

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Flexible delivery(Agile)

Codec’s Flexible delivery methodology has four distinct attributes: certainty, acceleration, engagement and value realization. The client sees benefits sooner with an incremental implementation, which improves user adoption and minimizes risks.

Clients will have maximum flexibility of project priorities with minimal risk. This methodology will be used to govern the project while providing the client with certainty of timing and costs throughout the project lifecycle. This allows us to respond to the specific and often complex nature of projects.

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Accelerated delivery(Iterative Waterfall)

Codec’s Iterative Accelerated delivery methodology uses a five-pronged process: analyze, plan, deliver, adapt and close. This process gives the client project tangible structure and high-level management to align strategic decisions with desired business outcomes.

Clients benefit from constant focus on the specific product/service vision being addressed, and key collaboration and feedback-gathering from stakeholders helps refine and iterate solutions faster. This methodology maintains flexibility throughout all phases of development to ensure that projects create new value for clients.

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End-to-end service, from first engagement to long term support

We are invested in your organization’s long-term success. We help deliver that success by offering a comprehensive range of managed services. Whether you need help with IT strategy, architecture and design, application deployment, network security or all of the above, Codec is here to assist in managing change, ensuring scalability, addressing emerging threats, or any other challenges you may face.
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IT Managed Services

Our Managed services & support include:

  • Proactive customer success management
  • Ongoing licensing and budget optimization
  • 24/7 technical support
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Your trusted Microsoft service partner

As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner with more than 250 experts trained in the Codec Way, we have the in-house resources to bring innovation that delivers an impact for your organisation. Our team won’t rest until your business is equipped with the right tools to help you work in the best way possible.


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In Codec, we’re equipped to deliver whatever your organisation needs to innovate on its business model. No matter what kind of specialized needs your organisation is facing, we won’t rest until you are equipped with the right tools to do your work in the best way possible.

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